Whats new?

v1.9.0 (July 17, 2018) - Jellyfish Edition

Jellyfish Edition

  • OmiseGO support... Did you hear? BTC Markets now supports OmiseGO. So its only natural that CSee coin does too!
  • Bug fixes... Fixed issues with the Buy and Sell functionality not working. Thanks to the community for your feedback! Dont forget to report bugs using the contact form!
  • Jellyfish... Remain majestic and calm. Diversify your portfolio.

v1.8.0 (June 28, 2018) - Ibis Edition

Ibis Edition

  • Place Orders... As promissed - you can now create market orders and limit orders for the AUD trading pairs. You'll never again need to login to BTC Markets on your computer again!
  • Secure Transactions... To keep your coins safe - you will now need to login with your fingerprint when buying and selling.
  • Watch out for Casper... If you use iPhone X you'll be able to use Face ID instead of fingerprint. Be sure to smile like you mean it!
  • Ibis... This is a big iconic release - abit like bin chickens!

v1.7.0 (June 2, 2018) - Hen Edition

Hen Edition

  • нεℓℓο ωοяℓδ!... This release is dedicated to the birth of the developers first child.
  • Orders... You can now view and cancel orders that you have created on BTC Markets. Support for placing market and limit orders coming soon!
  • Easier to access wallet... The new tab bar makes it easier then ever to access your wallet.
  • Night mode improvements... Nightmode now works across all screens!
  • Hen... Don't let your crypto keep you awake at night. If you HODL you will succeed!

v1.6.x (April 22, 2018) - Gnu Edition

Gnu Edition

This release is small but very useful. Going to be slowing down releases for a few weeks - starting to build tighter BTC Markets integration!... lots of under the hood changes required.

  • The time range picker has been moved out of the candlestick graph drawer into the main app area. Now you can view the percentage change from other intervals.
  • Fixed an issue with Etherium balance not showing correctly when loading balance from blockchain.

v1.5.0 (April 17, 2018) - Fox Edition

Fox Edition

  • Blockchain wallet support... If your a savvy crypto investor you probably keep your account balance on a hardware wallet like MyEtherWallet, Ledger, TREZOR or Bitbox. Now you can view your coin balance from within CSee Coin! Just scan your public key and away you go!
  • Fox... Be clever... like a fox

v1.4.x (Mar 24, 2018) - Eagle Edition

Eagle Edition

  • Cash balance... You can now check your cash balance on BTC Markets by navigating to your Wallet. Start depositing your money today by using Osko running on the New Payments Platform!
  • Better connection... This release uses a cool web technology called 'WebSockets' to load data... Boo YEAH! What does that mean for you?... Better battery life, less data usage, and no more spinning circles... uhh kinda.
  • Socially less awkward... Fixed an issue with the text not being legible when sharing the current price with night mode turned on.
  • Eagle... Soar Soar SOAR!... like an eagle. Oh and don't forget to take your crypto with you.

v1.3.0 (Mar 14, 2018) - Dove Edition

Dove Edition

  • Wallet... Keep track of what coins you own. Login to BTC Markets and see your equity grow.
  • Automatic Night Mode... No need to turn night mode off when you wake up in the morning.
  • WATCH App... Fixed an issue with the watch app not updating complications automatically.
  • A Whole Lot More - Liiiike... Side menu, Contact us form and FAQ
  • New App Name - Crypto is no more... This app will be known as CSee Coin going forward!
  • Dove... Be calm... be majestic.

v1.2.x (Feb 18, 2018) - Canary Edition

Canary Edition

  • WATCH App... Keep track of your crypto closer than ever! Be sure to add the complication to your favourite watch face so you don't even need to launch the watch app.
  • Night Mode Improvements... It's now easier than ever to see your stocks at night with night mode switched on. Your eyes will thank you in the morning.
  • Canary... Take flight! HODL-ing has paid off.

v1.1.0 (Feb 6, 2018) - Bison Edition

Bison Edition

  • iMessage App: Be social... Tell your friends whats going on with your coins.
  • Share... Dont like using SMS's? Dont worry you can also share directly from within the information drawer so all your WhataApp and Facebook friends dont miss out!
  • Layout Improvements... Tweaked layout of app homepage. Added line graph with current day activity.
  • Small Screen... Love carrying a small phone? It should be much easier to use the app with devices like iPhone SE.
  • Bison... Bisons are strong animals. Stay strong and your crypto will also be strong.

v1.0.x (Jan 20, 2018) - Aardvark edition

Aardvark Edition

  • Initial app release.

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